“An Alliance of Gift Ministries Building Together”

It is a joy to introduce Still Waters International Ministries (SWIM) to you. SWIM is an apostolic team, an alliance of peers who serve related churches and ministries. We are responding to the mission given to us by our Lord Jesus at His ascension, seeking to follow the pattern developed in the New Testament.

SWIM team members are convinced that if we return to the patterns of ministry introduced in the Book of Acts we can anticipate the same results. Apostolic teams in the Book of Acts were actively involved in expanding the borders of the Kingdom of God. Key functions of the teams included planting new churches and the replication of teams. Apostolic teams were the key networking organism of the church as well. Teams were regularly involved in the “care of the churches” (2 Cor 11:28).

SWIM exists to serve a family of ministers and congregations who relate and work together because of the love they have for one another, for the purpose of releasing synergistic power to expand Christ’s kingdom.

Our Mission

• Providing relational care for churches and church leaders

• Facilitating opportunities for ministers to build relationships

• Training and releasing Christian leaders

• Extending Christ’s Kingdom through missions outreach and
church plantingSWIM Co?Laborers

Each of the SWIM team members recognizes the value of synergy. Each team member has demonstrated ministerial gifts for a number of years and has been graced by God with a sphere of influence (2 Cor 10:13?16). SWIM is the result of our heart cry to work together.

Our alliance is a declaration that we believe that when men work together, power is released (1 Cor 3:5?9). This federation of ministers is based upon relationships which we believe have been initiated by our Father. We use the biblical model of family for corporate life. We recognize that Israel was a confluence, a “coming together” of clans and families. These families came together for the synergistic purposes of worship and warfare. This pattern is continued in the New Testament as apostolic teams became the outreach arm of the church.

SWIM Conferences and Leadership Summits

The SWI members travel as a ministry team several times a year to equip and edify churches with conferences, seminars, consultation, etc. Annually, the team calls leaders together who are part of our spheres of influence for training and encouragement (Leadership Summits). These gatherings represent an assembly of related brethren. They are the confluence of families in a clan for mutual encouragement and training.

Ministerial Credentials

We believe that SWIM has been commissioned by God to appoint/ordain individuals to their ministry offices. The alliance serves church leaders by granting ministry credentials, thereby giving them legal covering. (Still Waters International Ministries is a legally incorporated non?profit organization.)

For details of our theology and philosophy for Ministerial Credentials, contact our office.

Church Planting

SWIM team members believe that the Kingdom of God is expanded when local churches are planted. Members of the team are involved in church planting in the United States and abroad. We have discovered that working together in Church planting brings the benefits of “cross pollination” between the ministry spheres.

SWIM International Ministry

We take the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus seriously. Team members have ministered in over forty seven countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in recent years. We believe that we have been called by our Father to model a New Testament missionary outreach that focuses on planting churches and partnering with indigenous leadership. We envision reproducing our team concept in many countries. We welcome the opportunity to share what God is doing in these areas of ministry and to open opportunities for individuals to travel and minister with us.

SWIM Institute

The team oversees a leadership training ministry, SWIM Third Day Signs, Wonders & Miracles Training Institute. This SWIM Institute responds to the example and mandate of the Apostle Paul in 2 Tim 2:2. The strategy is to train individuals who have demonstrated spiritual gifts and a calling from God, and faithfulness to reproduce what they are given.

SWIM Institute is designed to provide a non?traditional, mentor?based hands-on education to persons preparing for, or currently serving in, Christian service. Rooted in the biblical model of mentor and student, SWIM Institute offers a curriculum based, individuated course of study for each candidate. A variety of “delivery systems” enables SWIM Institute to provide students with classroom, independent, and distance learning environments.

SWIM Institute is local church based. SWIM partners with related churches, providing the faculty and curriculum. The first phase of the course work is classroom based. For an Institute catalogue or a list of local churches currently involve, please contact our office.

A Team of Teams

The acronym SWIM, sometimes overshadows the value and vision the team members expressed by choosing the family name Still Waters International Ministries. SWIM is an alliance. The core team members relate to one another as peers. We come together for mutual encouragement and personal accountability. We do not seek to govern in another’s God given sphere. (Romans 15:20, 2 Corinthians 10:12-18) We minister together, to serve one another, and because we value the synergy that is produced.

The “Alliance” understanding of our ministry provides a foundation for teams to relate to one another. SWIM has a governmental team. A number of ministry teams form from related individuals for specific functions such as overseas and conference ministry.

The SWIM foundation provides a place as well for individuals who serve an apostolic sphere to relate to one another. We seek to do this without making the SWIM governmental team unwieldy in size and without requiring those of like ministry responsibility to carry the additional burden of team government. Therefore, the greater ministry sphere of SWIM, which includes the ministry spheres of each of the team members, provides a place for others to walk with us. SWIM is a ministry team with a self-governing function, and it is also a team that links arms with other teams to broaden our corporate reach and effectiveness.

SWIM Leadership Team Members

A Word About The SWIM Team

The SWIM Team is a team of peers who love and respect one another. These individuals have been given a variety of gifts but find greater Kingdom productivity when working synergistically. Each individual has their own sphere of influence, their own accomplishments and success in ministry. However, team members have found that the impact and influence of their concerted efforts is greater than those that would be accomplished by any individual. God desires and dramatically blesses work in unity. The team is committed to mutual recognition, interdependence and accountability, and covenant relationships among its members.
The apostolic work of Still Waters International is governed by five team members.

Dr. Bruce D. & Reshma Allen

Throughout the years many churches, cities and nations have been touched and inspired by the life changing power of God flowing through Dr. Bruce Allen. Gifted in the prophetic and teaching ministry the Lord uses Bruce to impart, activate and release individuals and churches into deeper realms of the Spirit. A compelling presence of the Holy Spirit permeates the atmosphere and it is not unusual for unique signs, wonders and miracles to flow freely in each meeting. The Father Heart of God is evidenced in his ministry as the Presence and Glory of the Lord is released in churches and regions drawing many back to the Father and causing many to draw deeply from the well of His presence.

Andre’ Ashby

Andre’ is the founder of the ministry, Soul's Cry. Soul’s Cry is a prophetic ministry that is preparing the Third Day Church for the coming visitation of revival. Andre's acute desire is to see the Body of Christ passionately in love with Jesus, and moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. His heart is to nurture and release the prophetic through the song of the Lord, as well as equipping seminars and personal ministry. Andre has traveled extensively across the United States and internationally drawing the Body of Christ into complete devotion to Jesus our Magnificent Obsession. In Andre's meetings people are drawn closer to the Lord and are released to move in their gifting. They are encouraged to take the gospel to the street with signs and wonders following them. It has been said of Andre's unique and powerful ministry that, "Andre carries the presence of God".

Dr. Flo Ellers

Flo Ellers was born and raised in the Indian village of Klawock on the Prince of Wales Island off the SE Coast of Alaska. In 1982 she attended the Institute of Ministry in Bradenton, FL. In 1999 she received her doctorate from Shalom Bible Seminary in West Des Moines IA. She has been traveling to the nations since 1985 ministering the Word of God with many signs, wonders and miracles, impacting the lives of those who participate in her services. Her passion is to train and equip the next generation of revivalists. She has been married to her husband, Mike, for 44 years. Dr. Flo Ellers is the founder of Global Glory Ministries located in Aberdeen, Washington.

Rev. Ed Allen

EDWARD ALLEN an international evangelist, teacher and challenging speaker is the founder of STOREHOUSE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (SMI) AND VISION AMERICA. (Established 1979). SMI has trained and sent hundreds of missionaries to Russia, Eastern Block Nations and other countries. SMI's Christian Leadership Network provides Christian ministry leadership training, spiritual covering and international missions outreach in many nations. Ed is the founder and past CEO of seven different corporations, motivational speaker and a former member of the NATIONAL SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION. He is well received in the Christian and Business communities and ministers on national and international platforms. Ed's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, his passion to see people healed, captives set free and to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit in every meeting, will challenge you to move into God’s presence.