andre_aAndre Ashby

Andre Ashby has a deep desire to see the Body of Christ passionately in love with Jesus and moving in the power of Holy Spirit. His heart is to nurture and release the people of God through Holy Spirit led prayer and prophetic songs of the Lord, as well as heart searching seminars and Holy Spirit directed personal ministry to those in attendance. Andre has traveled extensively across the United States and internationally, drawing the body of Christ into complete devotion to Jesus - our Magnificent Obsession. In Andre's meetings people are drawn closer to the Lord and are released to move in their gifting. They are encouraged to take the gospel to the street and workplace with signs and wonders following them to confirm the Word of the Lord. It has been said of his unique and powerful ministry that, "Andre carries the presence of God".

Cherian_aPastor Cherian and Rachel

Pastor Cherian and Rachel are currently doing a church plant in St. Johns area of Portland OR. Pastor Cherian and Rachel have been involved in church planting ministry since 1996 in India. In the year 2001 they migrated to New Zealand where they were the Pastoral Care leaders. In the year 2006 they were asked to move to the USA where Pastor Cherian did his Clinical Pastoral Education, which in simpler form of English are studies as a Chaplain. God moved them over to Portland OR in the year 2008. They currently pastor the church “Bethel Ministries International Worship Center.” The church they minister comprises of people from various backgrounds. They are from Fiji, Burmese, Indian, and Caucasian. They desire is to build a church that is multi cultural and this church will worship God as the New Testament church did. Pastor Cherian and Rachel have been praying and expecting a revival in Portla

 cynthia_aPastor Cynthia Hyatt

Pastor Cynthia Hyatt summarized the call of God on her life by stating the following. "The great desire of my heart is to bring the message of redemption, transformation, and renewal through the power of the Word, and the Spirit of God to people. Helping people become all that God has created and called them to be is my greatest joy. " From the time she was called of God at six years of age until today, she has done exactly that. Along side her husband, Kenneth, she has spent over 30 years fulfilling that call through ministry in music, teaching, and preaching of the Word of God. She has worn many "ministry hats" through the years, but "Pastor Cindy" is best known by those to whom she ministers, as an anointed prophetic psalmist and a gifted teacher of the Scriptures. Her ministry in music began by singing her first "special" at the age of four. This early beginning has matured and developed into a powerful psalmists' ministry that carries a special anointing to usher in the presence of the Lord. The title of her CD "Worship With Me" is an appropriate description of the heart cry of this anointed handmaiden of the Lord. Her teaching is a unique balance of profound insight and practical wisdom. While her anointed teaching ministers to everyone, she has a unique call to minister to women, especially to those who are in a ministerial role. She has an Associates Degree in Theology from Life Christian University.

DeanMarilyn_aDean & Marilyn Braxton

Dean & Marilyn Braxton are licensed ministers. They currently attend By His Word Church in Tacoma Washington under Pastor Jan Butler. They have been working in the ministry for over the past 15 years, as assistant pastors and Marilyn in music. They have been married for 23 years and have six children. For the past months they have been sharing their testimony of Dean dying and being prayed back to life, and how he was told by Jesus, It’s not your time, go back. This happened May of 2006.
Marilyn shares about pressing in through the experience, the medical side of things, and what it took on her part to believe for healing for Dean off his death bed, Dean share about going to heaven and being with Jesus and the Father. Their experience has given much life and hope along with a great sense of how much God loves us each.

Dean A. Braxton
Over the past 33 years Dean has worked in the churches as a senior and assistant Pastor, broad member, youth leader, Life Skill Pastor and other jobs as needed. During that time he has learn a great deal about ministry within the local community church. He has delivered a number of teaching and sermons to as few as 5 people and as many as 3,000 people. He has been on Christian TV and Radio talking about Christian principle applied to everyday life. He has a Master Degree is in Pastoral Counseling, and has developed Life skill groups for local churches. He has also counseled and instructed parenting class. He has also been able to use has civil and military job skill to serve people in the church family. King County Superior Court employed him as a Juvenile Drug Court/ Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternative (CDDA) Program Manager. Also he was a member of senior management team for King County Superior Juvenile County System. He has also worked as a Program/Project Manager II for King County’s Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Service Division. He has retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve as a Chemical Dependency, Human Relations and Equal Opportunity Superintendent after 20 years of services. In the past He has been a Director for an inpatient treatment/transitional-housing program, a Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for King County, and a Chemical Dependency Coordinator for two outpatient youth treatment programs. He has helped train over 400 parents in parenting skills and given over 1000 training and presentations dealing with subjects addressing human service issues. He was a trainer of trainer for United State government's Parent/Adult Volunteers Working With Youth Program, and with King County's Recovery Assistant Substance Abuse Program. He has coordinated three prevention, treatment, family conferences, and has been on television and radio discussing subjects concerning human services issues. He helped develop a number of model programs that have been funded by the U.S. government, King County and private industries. He has been on many committees representing Washington State, King County, and many cities.

Marilyn S. Braxton
Over the past 25 years Marilyn has worked in the churches as an Associated Pastor, and Minister of Music and other positions as need. During that time she has learn a great deal about ministry within the local community church. She has delivered a number of teaching many people and song to thousands within the church and out in the community. She has been on Christian Radio talking about Christian principle applied to everyday life. She has song at many weddings. Currently she works as an Activity Assistant, with the elderly. She has worked in the medical field for the past 34 years in a number of positions: Certified Nurse Aide, Endoscopy Technician Adult Family Home Manger, Physical Therapy Aide Home Health Care Aide She has helped train over 400 parents in parenting skills as a Parent Education Coordinator Recognized by the City of Federal Way for promoting a strong community through citywide parenting training. Primary responsibilities supervise parenting training for parents throughout Federal Way.


Rev. Edward Allen

An international evangelist, teacher and challenging speaker is the founder of STOREHOUSE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (SMI) AND VISION AMERICA. (Established 1979). SMI has trained and sent hundreds of missionaries to Russia, Eastern Block Nations and other countries. SMI's Christian Leadership Network provides Christian ministry leadership training, spiritual covering and international missions outreach in many nations. Ed is the founder and past CEO of seven different corporations, motivational speaker and a former member of the NATIONAL SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION. He is well received in the Christian and Business communities and ministers on national and international platforms. Ed's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, his passion to see people healed, captives set free and to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit in every meeting, will challenge you to move into God’s presence.


flo_aDr. Flo Ellers

Flo Ellers was born and raised in the Indian village of Klawock on the Prince of Wales Island off the SE Coast of Alaska. In 1982 she attended the Institute of Ministry in Bradenton, FL. In 1999 she received her doctorate from Shalom Bible Seminary in West Des Moines IA. She has been traveling to the nations since 1985 ministering the Word of God with many signs, wonders and miracles, impacting the lives of those who participate in her services. Her passion is to train and equip the next generation of revivalists. She has been married to her husband, Mike, for 44 years. Dr. Flo Ellers is the founder of Global Glory Ministries located in Aberdeen, Washington


Harper_aGrant and Dedra Harper

Grant and Dedra Harper were both raised in California. They have been married for 8 years and have two beautiful children. The Harpers were raised in the denominational church and have served as Worship Leaders, Worship Team Members, Youth Leaders, etc. They have always had a desire for more of God. In there search for more, God sent them to the Maryland/DC area to serve in Dedra's Father's non-denominational ministry for 3 years, and in an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry for 3 years. While in Maryland, they were licensed as Ministers in 2007, and Elders in 2010. In early 2010, the Harpers returned to California and are now the Senior Leaders of "Nation's Heart Ministries, International," a new ministry located in Sacramento, CA. Their desire is to see every person walk in their God-given identity and purpose for which they were created, and to understand who they are as a New Creation. They desire to equip God's people for the work of the ministry, that they may come to a place of maturity, and go forth to do the will of the Father in the earth. The goal of Nation's Heart Ministries is to point every person to Christ, and not unto themselves. They believe Christ is the Head of the Church (Eph 5:23), and we (the Church) are His vessels used to advance His Kingdom. The goal of the Harpers is not to follow the traditions of men concerning the way church has been done in the past, but to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

Holly ClarkHollyClark_a

Holly Clark is the Director of the Tigard Healing Rooms in Tigard, Oregon and The Glory Gatherings.

She was saved at age five and has been Charismatic since the late 60’s. She met many speakers including the late President and founder of the FGBMF, Demos Shakarian and Corrie Ten Boon. She worked at Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters in Arrowhead Springs, CA out of high school and in her twenties she worked for Kenneth & Gloria Copeland in Fort Worth, TX. She has been a former board member of two International Women’s Aglow chapters, a worship leader, an Alpha leader, a Soloist and an intercessor.

She is the mother of three grown and four grand darlings.

Holly has a mantel from heaven to heal the broken hearted, pray for the sick and set people free. She is prophetic and a gifted soloist and loves to share her powerful testimony that comes from dying to self, and running the race with perseverance.

Holly is an identical twin along with one older sister, who were raised on whole wheat bread, Montivonti, and John 3:16 in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Her late mother, Helen Catherwood was a graduate of Wheaton College and Moody Bible Institute and her grandfather was a personal friend of Dwight L. Moody and one of his pall bearers. Her mother sang opera professionally in N.Y., the Hollywood Bowl, and the L.A. Philharmonic Her late father, Dr. Joel Strandberg, was an engineer/lay pastor of The North Shore Baptist church in Lake Arrowhead where they had a second home.

Holly enjoyed half of her life at the lake and the other half in the city where she and her twin sister did modeling for Janzen and Lanz, and TV commercials at the early age of five. They were on Art Linkletter’s show “Kids Say the Darnd’est Things” as well as having a final interview with the late Walt Disney for the movie, “Babes in Toyland” in 1961 and a small part in another movie. She also started singing with her sisters at age five.

Although this may sound glamorous, in fact, there was much dysfunction, confusion, and a twin identity crisis which left many soul wounds. In college, Holly had an encounter with God in her bedroom that changed her life over night.

Walking away from the performance side of Christianity into the valley of dying to self to learn who she was/is in Christ Jesus has given her an incredible platform from which to minister the goodness of God. She has walked through divorce, deliverance, and ordination which has provided her with strength and courage to share the fellowship of suffering, intimacy with God and the gospel of His healing love. Her enthusiasm for God is contagious and her story brings hope.

johnFiller_aJohn Filler

John was born and raised in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the oldest of three children. Raised in a Christian home, he began his personal journey with God when he was nine years old, and knew he was called into full-time ministry by the age of ten. After graduating from High School, he moved to Seattle Washington, where he attended Northwest University, preparing for the call of God on his life. During that season, he met Ruth, his future bride. In active ministry for over thirty years, John has spoken at many seminars and conferences, both nationally and internationally. John and his wife Ruth are Regional directors of RAIN Ministries for the state of Idaho. He has a deep desire for all of God’s people to find their true identity in Him, to discover and fulfill their destiny. His personal metamorphosis and on-going journey into the Father’s heart has given him sensitivity and authority to speak into the lives of individuals, as well as a unique ability to steward corporate moves of the Holy Spirit. These life changes have led him into many cultures and sub-cultures, where he has had the privilege of bringing a number of people into their own relationship with God. John's passion and purpose in life is to see the flow of Heaven activated and moving in people’s lives. He has a special love for youth and young adults, which he says is "in his blood," and a rare ability to capture the Father's love for each one. He is in the process of writing a book called, "Up Papa, Upthe raw and passionate cry of an abandoned generation."

He and Ruth have been married since 1980, and have made their home in John’s hometown of Coeur d’Alene since 1981. They have two awesome children and a wonderful daughter-in-law.

John_Therese_aJohn and Theresa Makan

John and Theresa Makan have received numerous prophetic words about a prophetic and pastoral call on their lives. They enjoy hearing the voice of God in the various ways He speaks and reveals Himself, and communicating the Heart of God as He reveals His love and plans for others.
John was born in Eastern Europe with a Slovak and Slavic heritage, and Theresa was born in the Philippines. They have been given prophetic words about an international vision and many prophetic words about going to the nations, working with teams, training people and a new emphasis on the apostolic, as well as the prophetic. John and Theresa teach, train and help people understand their spiritual and ministry gifts, revelation gifts, dreams and dream interpretation.

Theresa is also an intercessor, prophetic seer, and evangelist, evangelizing in her own unique and joyful way through personal relationships and current technological tools of the Internet, helping people all over the world.

John and Theresa’s desire is for people to know their gifts and callings, to hear and understand the voice of God, and most of all to know the love of God in their lives so that it results in a personal relationship with Jesus that causes them to worship Him, and fulfill the greatest commandment of all: Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.

John and Theresa are the founders and pastors of Commandment 1 Fellowship in Rockford, Illinois, and founders of Revelation School, a training ministry in the prophetic, dreams and dream interpretation.

ken_aDr Kenneth Hyatt

Kenneth Hyatt is a 1977 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. In 2004 he received a Ph.D. in theology from Life Christian University in Tampa Florida.For over 30 years, he, and his wife, Cynthia, have been involved in pastoral ministry, television, College-level teaching and training of ministers, field ministry to various churches, as well as missions work and pastoral training in Mexico. In 1986, they founded and pastored Seeds of Victory Ministry Center for 10 years in San Angelo Texas.
In 1997, they assumed the pastorate of Victory Harvest Church in Menard, Texas where they are involved in various ministry outreaches, including an extensive teaching ministry on CD, and the internet.
The pursuit of Dr. Hyatt's life has been to walk in Eph 1:17-18. Paul prayed for the church at Ephesus:
17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:
18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,
This pursuit of the "spirit of wisdom and revelation" has been the catalyst for approximately 75,000 hours of diligent study of the Word of God over the past 30 years. To those who are acquainted with his ministry, Dr. Hyatt is known as an anointed teaching prophet to the Body of Christ.


Mark_Lisa_aMark and Lisa Malizzi

Having their own marriage and family powerfully touched and restored as a tool for God’s Glory, Mark and Lisa have helped, loved, and nurtured many people to focus what God has personally called them to be. Their leadership has challenged people in their programs and projects to reach out for the real move of the Holy Spirit and not to accept imitations of God’s true love and power.

Mark has worked for many years in the automotive service industry and has been Nationally ranked with the Best Service Managers in Customer service and Satisfaction. He has won many awards for his team and Service programs which have set new higher standards in the industry.
Lisa has worked with many woman and children through Team Thunders programs and many other programs. Lisa’s heart is to truly touch people with God’s Love.
With an evangelistic heart, apostolic focus, and God’s Blessing, Thunder Outreach programs are focused on reaching out to people in all walks of life with a true flow of the God’s power and positive life changing events.

About Thunder Outreach

The Thunder Outreach programs were birthed by a heart felt and Spirit filled need to take God's love and mercy out into our communities. Jesus interceded for us and now it is our turn to follow his teaching and reach out and intercede for our communities. Thunder Outreach programs utilize many different components and sources from each community it works with. Based on the needs of that community, Thunder Outreach services will provide churches, businesses, fire and police departments, mayors and other community based groups with activities that build community projects, food drives, community and music outreaches that not only meet that need, but also create a network in that community that will last after the events are over. We have many different needs in our communities, and it has been said that our communities are better and stronger when we work together. Team Thunder's focus includes outreaching and helping build that team spirit while interceding and networking for and into each community it visits.

Team Thunder's heart is to work with the needs of individual communities to touch people from all walks of life to help touch our world one community at a time.

In doing this we have...
  • set Guinness and Ripley’s World Records for collecting 156,899 lbs of food with our local based community food drive at Thunder in the Valley 2005.
  • touched people from all over Eastern PA and as far South as the hurricane victims in three southern states.
  • been honored with many awards, endorsements and citations from the White House on down.
  • been listening to the people in our communities and found new ways to meet their needs.
  • established new communications between organizations and created opportunities for our communities to have God’s Blessing.
With a commitment to work with many charities, churches, organizations, groups and clubs, Thunder Outreach will continue to build bridges and networks that will bless those areas for years to come.

Mark Malizzi

Thunder Outreach Ministries

marszalek_aTherese Marszalek

Through television appearances, as a speaker, contributor to several books, and with several hundred articles printed across the country in multi-denominational publications, Therese's messages of hope and love have reached billions of people around the world. Ordained through Still Waters International (MA Div) and founder of Breaking Out Ministries, Therese is passionate about making disciples of the nations and bringing hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Her books include Extraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People, Miracles Still Happen (both Harrison House), Breaking Out (Publish America), From the Wilderness to the Miraculous (Destiny Image 9-2010 release) and 40 Days (Destiny Image 2-2011). Therese and her husband live in Spokane, Washington and have three children. Therese can be reached at or e-mail

pat_Bartell_aPatricia Bartell

Patricia Bartell - originally from Bolivia, is a walking testimony of the power of God and carries a message of God’s tremendous love to the nations through her personal testimony. Her desire is for people to truly know God deeply and to experience the divine presence of His glory that will ignite a passion and hunger to pursue an intimate relationship with Him.She teaches the accordion in Spokane Washington and travels worldwide as an adjudicator, professional performer and teacher.

richRichard and Lauri Withers

Brother Rich Withers served in the U.S. Coast Guard and Reserves from 1968 to 1987. Having earned 34 semester hours at Portland Bible College during the ’82-’83 academic year, Rich went on to earn his MA at Western Evangelical Seminary in June 1987, majoring in Christian Education and Pastoral Ministries. He attended two additional terms taking courses in Biblical Studies.

Serving in lay ministry since 1981, Rich was privileged with serving as Chaplain, Geiger Corrections Center, under the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, 2002-2005. He then served as Director of Men’s Discipleship for The Spokane Dream Center, 2005-2008. Since that time, the Lord has burdened Rich’s heart to see a restoration of the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ and its presentation with a correct understanding of what it means to repent, believe, call upon the name of the Lord, be born-again by the Holy Spirit, and allow the Lord Jesus Christ to live His life within and through the true and faithful believer and follower. Rich has written numerous teaching articles and inspirational writings to support the restoration of the Gospel.

Rich’s former wife of twenty-six years marriage, Donna, battled ovarian cancer for seven months and went home to live forever with our Lord Jesus Christ on June 14, 2009. After eighteen months of widowhood, Father God brought Lauri A. Maher into Rich’s life and into his heart. Lauri and Rich married on December 28, 2010. Lauri is indeed a handmaiden for the Lord! She writes music and sings and plays guitar as the Lord’s minstrel, having played with several worship teams and bands over the years. With two years of Bible training at Simpson Bible College, Lauri transferred to Whitworth University where she earned her BA majoring in history in 1983. In 2009 Lauri self-published The Comfort Book designed as a devotional for survivors of childhood trauma/abuse.

Rich and Lauri may be contacted at (509) 230-4642 and their mailing address is P.O. Box 1818, Veradale, WA 99037-1818. Their present email address is:


Rolando_Daphne_aRonaldo & Daphne LaRosa

Rolando LaRosa was born in Moultrie Georgia, and raised in the northwest panhandle of Florida. He and his wife, Daphne, have faithfully served at the City of Refuge Christian Fellowship in San Antonio, Texas, for the past 19 years. They have six children and three grandchildren. Rolando served in the US Army 10th Mountain Division before being reassigned to Fort Sam Houston - where he fell in love with San Antonio - and has been here ever since. As the founder of Providence Global Prophetic Ministries, Rolando LaRosa actively teaches on the prophetic. In the past ten years, he has traveled the U.S., Honduras, and Mexico holding prophetic meetings. He trains and equips the saints to hear the voice of the Lord in order that they may edify and encourage the Body of Christ. Rolando is a strong proponent of training up, restoring the brokenhearted, and releasing people to do the work of Jesus."


RussDoyl_aPastor Russ and Cindy Doyl

Pastor Russ Doyl was born and raised right here in Spokane Washington. Russ and his wife Cindy have been married since 1983. They have a son and a daughter. After Bible College, Russ entered into several areas of ministry. He served as a Visitation Pastor, Interim Pastor, Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor. In 1989 Russ started traveling the country as an Evangelist. In 2002 the Lord directed him to start Destiny Church. The three primary areas God has called Russ to minister are gifts of healings, a powerful prophetic anointing and the ministry of encouragement, exhorting the body of Christ to be all that God has called them to be.

RuthFiller_aRuth Filler

As the youngest of six children in a pastor's family, Ruth was raised with a very hands-on, people-oriented view of ministry. Some of her favorite memories are of doing hospital visitation with her father, who was used mightily in healing as well as in a jail and street ministry, being moved with compassion for the broken. She was raised to "go anywhere and pray anywhere" there was a need.

Attending Bible college in Seattle, for Ruth, meant traveling ministry teams and student body leadership, all while pursuing a double major in Church Music Administration and Missions. In her second year of college she became reacquainted with a "gorgeous" man of like passion, and was so blessed to find that God had kept him just for her. One of the first things young John shared with her was that his deep passion for his home town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, would one day require him to return there to minister, and anyone who would marry him would have to be okay with that

Ruth’s love for worship, she believes, began "in the womb," and she was involved in music from age three. Her passion is ever increasing, with an awareness of a new sound from heaven being released on the earth. Anything that will be established will come out of worship and intercession. Presently, she is focusing on that, and raising up teams of worshipers from a variety of backgrounds, but with one purpose to worship under an open heaven and see His Kingdom come to earth! Ruth and her husband John are Regional directors of RAIN Ministries for the state of Idaho.

robinson_aRobinson Fondong

Pastor Robinson Fondong was born in the Southwest Province of Cameroon. At the age of 13, he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and immediately resolved to make Jesus Christ the model of his life.
Despite persecutions, rejection, and extreme shyness from severe stuttering he took advantage of every opportunity to spread the Word of God in his school and community. He knew he had found the Fountain of Life, and he spared no opportunity to invite people to drink freely. The Lord backed His Word. Many of the students and his family members came to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. On one occasion at the tender age of 14, 52 of his converts were baptized in one day. The Holy Spirit moved, transforming lives and caused the young believers to abide. Many of these converts from the early years of his ministry are serving the Lord in various capacities today.

Meanwhile, Robinson also witnessed the supernatural hand of God in his personal life. He was miraculously healed from the acute stuttering condition that plagued his childhood and transformed into a bold, assertive servant of God. The young fiery evangelist moved his pulpit from elementary school, through high school into the University of Buea, Cameroon. While at the University, he provided valuable leadership, modeling holiness in his own life on campus and as President of the Student Union. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and immediately responded to the call of God upon his life by enrolling in the School of Knowing and Serving God, a Christian Missionary Fellowship Ministry Bible school in Yaounde, Cameroon, after which he moved to the United States where he obtained a Master’s degree in Theology.

Robinson relocated to the United States in 2000, as a missionary for his home church, Christian Missionary Fellowship International, in Maryland. The church in Westminster, Maryland was birthed when the Lord blessed his personal evangelization ministry with the conversion of a young man. The two met regularly to study the Word, pray and go out to evangelize. Then God sent a destiny helper in the person of Pastor Mark Wadel who has since gone to be with the Lord. He and his wife Betty introduced the young church in Maryland to the Franklin Mennonites, a dynamic body of believers given to mission work and the deployment of human and material resources for the spread of the gospel worldwide. The Franklin Mennonites have since been mightily used of God to support Pastor Robinson in his apostolic mandate, and to uphold the church in Maryland as a pillar to the nations.

In 2004 Pastor Robinson happily married his sweetheart Elizabeth, who is herself a Minister of the Gospel. They both serve the Lord with infectious zeal, ministering together in crusades and conventions. They have dedicated their lives to do the will of God and establish God’s Kingdom from Westminster to the ends of the earth, delighting in seeing people freed from captivity through the ministry of deliverance. They are blessed with three sons: Paul, David, and Emmanuel. Their avid desire in Robinson’s words is to “plunder hell and populate heaven for Calvary’s sake. That is the desire of the Lord, the goal of the church and it should be the goal of every believer.” Robinson is also compelled by the Spirit of God to awaken the church to her responsibility towards the lost, being the one reason for which Christ died. He is the founder of “World Conquest for Jesus”, a team ministry consisting of ordained pastors in Maryland and Pennsylvania and other ministers of the New Covenant, created with the goal of winning our world for Christ.

Pastor Robinson is being used extensively by God in the healing and deliverance ministry in the USA, Africa, India, and South America. He speaks in conferences in various nations on deliverance and the breaking of generational curses and trains deliverance and healing ministers. He has ministered deliverance to thousands of people with outstanding results of freedom from spirits of cancer, diabetes, asthma, barrenness, depression, and many other demonic strongholds. The gifts of the Holy Spirit prevalent in his ministry include the working of miracles and most notably, the word of knowledge and prophecy. He is an evangelist by calling with a great passion to see the lost saved and has pioneered the planting of 2 churches in Maryland.As a team, he and his wife have impacted multitudes and many have been transformed by the palpable anointing that accompanies their ministry. .

piusBishop Dr Pius

Bishop Dr. Pius and Pastor Mercy Forlu are founders of the River of Life Center in Lanham, Maryland U.S.A. For 42 years, they have served and are serving the Lord in the area of their calling together. Bishop Forlu was born with a speech impediment. Stuttering stood as a real obstacle to effective communication in his daily life. It was a mountain that needed to be dissolved for easy communication of the gospel. In 1972, he posed a question to God in prayer and God miraculously delivered him. His testimony has birthed instant miracles and has changed the lives of many others to the Glory of God our Father.

Bishop Pius and Pastor Mercy Forlu are originally from Cameroon where they pastored, planted churches, built churches and organized city wide crusades before the Lord relocated them for their next assignment in the United States of America.By the grace of God, through their ministry, thousands have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. They continue incessantly to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the victory of the cross as led by the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. Bishiop Pius Forlu has a Diploma in Ministerial studies from Full Gospel Bible Institute-Cameroon; B.A degree in Christian Education from Assemblies of God Divinity School- Nigeria; Masters degree in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Seminary-Indiana, USA; and a PhD from Christian Bible Institute and Seminary in Jacksonville,Florida.

They are happily married and have been blessed by God with five children who are all in the ministry as pastors, prophets, teachers and musicians.

gaiusPs Gaius and Emmanuella Forlu

Several years ago in the West African country Cameroon, God sent me into this world through my parents: Pastor Pius and Pastor Mercy Forlu. Just as the Scripture says, Before you were born I knew you, so was I born with leadership responsibilities awaiting me. As the first child of the family, I started learning how to tend the Lord's sheep at a very tender age. I grew up in the Church and had the opportunity to watch my dad closely as he performed his pastoral duties. Later as I got older, I came to understand the need for a personal relation with Jesus Christ. I was aware that being "born in the Church" and raised by a seasoned preacher was not a passport to heaven.

Therefore, in 1993, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. From that point on, my life has never been the same again. At the age of 13, I received the call from God to preacher of the gospel. Sooner than I thought, I started manifesting the traits of a preacher. Soon or late I migrated to the U.S.

I am married to Emmanuella Forlu. We are anointed Servants of God raised up for this generation. We are anointed to preach the infallible Word of God without compromise. In this ministry many have been saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. By the power of God, the deaf hear, some have throne their crutches and walk, people are set free from demonic possessions and some incurable diseases disappears in the presence of God. God often uses us in the Prophetic and Word of Knowledge and by His grace we have been heavenly encounters where the supernatural becomes natural. We stress the importance of faith in God and the eternal value of living a life of prayer and holiness. Our heart is to see the lost saved and the church strengthened.

woody&robynWoody and Robin O'Dell

Woody and Robin have been married since 1981 and have six children and five grandchildren. Woody, a Navy veteran, is a registered nurse who has worked in the field of home health and hospice for over 25 yrs. He is currently the Executive Director of a hospice in Middle Georgia.

Robin has been a homeschooling mother for almost 30 years. She attended two years of Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry and for the past 5 years has been avidly studying the Hebraic Roots of Christianity. Her greatest personal accomplishment was teaching all six of their children to read.

Together our passion is to share with others how to seek TRUTH and live it out in practical ways on a daily basis. We love to celebrate the Feasts of YHWH and to teach on the Foundations of the Faith. We feel called to encourage, support, and minister to the Ekklesia (called out ones).